2017An Ode to Nightlife

An Ode to the Nightlife was installed in a series of window boxes in the city circle train line in the middle of Sydney City on Gadigal land. The show was a response to the lock out laws introduced by the NSW LNP right wing conservative Government in response to one white guy who died after being king hit when out binge drinking one night.

The lock out laws swept through the city and saw the nightlife effectively destroyed. Interestingly the (recently labelled corrupt Packer) Casino was exempt from this zone.. This policy was clearly an attack on culture rather than a concern for the citizens who went out at night as many other people, other than white guys have died at night in Sydney city in different types of misogynist / racist attacks.

Furthermore the colonial culture of violent drunkenness that pervades every city and town in this country, wasn't tackled in a systematic way throughout this lockdown.

Accompanying my photos were poems by Stella Rosa McDonald and Brian Fuata and a mix by Jeanette Little.