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Inside publication, 2017
Edition of 80
Inside publication accompanied exhibition Inside at Paddington Town Hall, Sydney with texts by Amelia Wallin, Ariana Reines, Audrey Schmidt, Virginia Woolf, Aurelia Guo, Leslie Allison and MP Hopkins. A reading list by Stella Rosa McDonald & images by Rafaela Pandolfini, Senga Nengudi and Hana Earles

Senga Nengudi, Rapunzal, 1981, silver gelatin print, 825 x 1250 unframed, courtesy the artist, courtesy the artist, Thomas Erben Gallery New York and Levy Gorvy Gallery London
+ Lewis Fidock and Nalda Searles
Inside installation view, Paddington Town Hall Sydney, 2017
D&K, All or Nothing, 2017, Garment collection, materials and dimensions variable
D&K, All or Nothing, 2017
Garments feature art work by: Blake Burns, James Deutsher, Lewis Fidock, Christopher LG Hill, Chantal Kirby, Spencer Lai, Gian Manik, Kate Meakin, Virginia Overell, Joshua Petherick, Sean Peoples, Adele Varcoe, Alex Vivian. Garment production collaborator: Chantal Kirby
Ainslie Templeton, Heterographic blanket (domination), 2017, towel, tarpaulin, urine, peppermint and wax, unique
Hana Earles, the second god to audience: next, i am going to do a painting, 2017
Inside opening night
Inside opening night jjjjjale
Ann Shelton, The physical garden, performance that accompanies Jane says, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney, November 2017
Performed by Jordana Bragg and Samantha Gorham
Mimi Smith, Thirty, Thirty-five, 2015, digital laser print, edition 2/5
Hannah Bronte, Umma is burning, 2017, 1500 x 2000, vinyl banner

Hannah Bronte, Umma and child, molten, 2017, vinyl banner, 1500 x 2000
Ariana Reines - Oh one thing I might need to add is that I didn't do anything to that photograph to create the effect, my mom's aura made that happen
Ariana Reines, Sandra Reines, 9/14/17, 2017, Video, audio, 00:07:41
Installation view Ann Shelton, Jane Says, C Type Prints, 840 x 1119
Ann Shelton, Courtesy the artist and Bartley and Company Art, Wellington
Zoe M. Roberston, Divine Right, 2017, Lime wash and acrylic (mis tints) on found fabric, 1500 x 2000
Zoe.M.Robertson, Inside closing performance, Course of life another series of small deaths
Gian Manik, Tom and Rebecca's Wedding cake, 2017, chocolate cake, fondant, rug, dimensions variable
Mimi Smith, A reading of two drawings, 1977, Documentation of a performance at Franklin Furnace, NYC, 1978
Morag Keil, Gawker, 2012
Morag with Gawker

Group Murmmrrr, Inside Sound night #1 November 2017, organised by Matthew P. Hopkins

Military Position, Inside Sound night #2 November 2017, organised by Matthew P. Hopkins

Ross Manning, Inside Sound night #1 orgnised by Matthew Hopkins, Paddington Town Hall, November 2017

Hannah Bronte, Umma and child, molten, 2017, vinyl banner, 1500 x 2000
D&K, All or Nothing, 2017. Garment production: Ricarda Bigolin (D&K), Tasmin Pritchard, Holly Simpson and Chantal Kirby. Stylist: Adam Wood Originally performed as part of the exhibition High Risk Dressing
Critical Fashion, RMIT Design Hub
Hannah Bronte, Umma and child, molten, 2017, vinyl banner, 1500 x 2000
Hannah Quinlan and Rosie Hastings, UK Gay Bar Directory, 2016, moving image installation, courtesy the artists and Arcadia Missa, London
Cinzia Ruggeri, Per un vestire organico (Towards an organic way of dressing), 1983, video and sound, 00:20:25
Mimi Smith, Underpants Trio, 2015, digital laser print, edition 1/5
Ruth O'Leary, Breast Piece, 2017, Digital type-c print, 920 x 630, Edition 1/2 + 1 AP
Cinzia Ruggeri, A Bad Dream, 1979, Pillow with glove, plastic ear, zip and black ink
Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Sympathy and Contagion, 2017, Silicon, plastic, thread, acrylic nail extensions, latex, plastic zipper, plastic flowers, stickers, mesh, glazed earthenware, speakers cord, plastic pipe, used face mask, soy sauce, bubble gum, dog chew toy, plastic packaging, resin, tapioca pearls, wood, car door, found car part, Dimensions variable
Jana Hawkins-Andersen, Matt Black Maserati with and Oily Fingerprint, 2017, Gazed earthenware, resin, Dimensions variable
Nalda Searles, When They Danced He Was Transformed, 2008, Man's Tailored Suit Jacket circa 1947 (artist's father), cotton netting purchased in Timbuktu 1960
D&K All or Nothing installation view