2020Work documenting

Keg De Souza, Not a Drop to Drink, Commissioned by Arts House for Refuge 2021
Explicit Contents by Rhiannon Newton for Sydney Festival and Campbelltown Arts Centre

Explicit Contents Ivey Wawn
She Conjured the Clouds
Justene Williams
Sydney Festival / Campbelltown Arts Centre
Performers: Elvin Lam, Emma Watkins, Paul Nunnari, Carissa O'Connor, Nicola Bruni, Isabella Fitzpatrick, Billee Paige Harris, Charmaine Sharp, Simon Peart, Laila Campbell
Keir Choreographic Public Program
Organised by Brooke Stamp, Rosie Fisher and Sarah Rodgari
April 2020

Workshop: Lee Searle
Agatha Goethe-Snape
'The Outcome Is Certain' book launch
'Time has fallen asleep in afternoon sunshine' book launch
Edited by Mette Edvardsen, Kristien Van den Brande, Victoria Pérez Royo, Runa Borch Skolseg 
with Mette Edvardsen, Angela Goh, Rhiannon Newton and Patricia Wood
Workshop with Vicki Van Hout
First Nations Dance
Moderated by With Merindah Donnelly
with Victoria Hunt, Marilyn Miller, Latai Taumoepeau, Kilia Tipa and Vicki Van Hout
Claudia La Rocco with Lee Serle
Marginal Consort at Carriageworks with Kazuo Imai, Kei Shii, Masami Tada
and Tomonao Koshikawa
Real Real #6 at Campbelltown Arts Centre with Nat Rose, Sally Lewry, Alice Osborne and Clare Britton
The Future is Floating with Other Sights for Sydney Festival
Venessa Possum, Jen Rae, Claire G. Coleman, Syrus Marcus Ware, T'uy'tanat - Cease Wyss, Latai Taumoepeau, Salote Tawale, Cindy Mochizuki, James Nguyen, Keg De Souza, and Holly Schmidt
Marianne Nicolson, Clothilde Bullen and Megan Cope
Real Real #4 Titled Flora 4 Flora at Campbelltown Arts Centre with Enoch Mailangi, Amrita Hepi and Future Method Studio (Genevieve Murray and Joel Sherwood-Spring) performed by Joseph Althouse and Gussy.
Angela Goh, Uncanny Valley Girl at Campbelltown Arts Centre
Real Real #2 at Campbelltown Arts Centre with Anna McMahon and Brooke Stamp
Until Thaw at First Draft Umber Majeed (US/PK)
Ivey Wawn and Mark Mailer
Autumn Royal (Narrm/Melb)
Holly Childs(NL/AU) and J. G. Biberkopf (NL/LT)
Keg De Souza Changing Courses was part of The National: New Australian Art at Art Gallery of NSW curated by Anneke Jaspers.
Brooke Stamp
Bombo headland geological site performance
Performed with Shota Matsumura, Tom smith, Rhiannon Newton, Ivey Wawn, 2017
Soft Future Piano Bar by Goodgod at Vivid, Sydney Opera House 2017
Rooms into a Room a 39 page text based score
June 2017 including: Matthew Brown, Lucy Phelan, Tim Coster, Laurence Williams, Elise Harmsen, Peter Blamey, Emma Ramsay, Ruark Lewis,
Anna John, Zoe Robertson, Brian Fuata, MP Hopkins and Andrew McLellan
Splashback organised by Anna John. Performance 1 Brian Fuata, 2017
Splashback organised by Anna John. Performance 2 Latai Taumoepeau, 2017
Splashback organised by Anna John Performance, #3 Get to Work, 2017
Gerry Bibby and The Bureau of Writing (Andrew Brooks, Beth Caird and Aodhan Madden, Kelly Fliedner, Benjamin Forster, Astrid Lorange, Sarah Rodigari) collaborative workshop, Wednesday 17 February 2016, Sydney
Agatha Goethe-Snape, Here, an Echo, 2017 | 2nd Biennale Legacy Artwork | curated by Stephanie Rosenthal | co-commissioned by the Biennale of Sydney and the City of Sydney | Wemyss Lane, Sydney
Lalala with Ben Ward. Choreographed & performed by Jasmin Sheppard w/ poetry Ali Cobby Eckerman, 2016