2011Sri Lanka bb moon

I was 4 months pregnant...Dom and I had only been together for ten months,
we weren't living together and had never really spent an intense amount of time together. So I guess it was a time of really getting to know each other.

Cinnamon, MIA and Michael Ondaatje

Ondaatje wrote one of my favourite poems The Cinnamon Peeler, which I photocopied and gave to my partner Dom when I fell in love with him. Our first trip together, our last trip together without our daughter who was just the size of an avocado inside me at the time

During the 6-hour stop over at Singapore airport we lay on the banana lounges outside the butterfly enclosure. I was thinking about the Sri Lankans that I had met while taking a photography course at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and went over what they had told me about the civil war that had come to an “overwhelming and unmerciful” end in the hands of the Sri Lankan Army over 2 years prior. I also wondered what it would look like 6 years on from the devastating Tsunami

The very first impression I had was the military presence. We flew into Colombo and on our drive from the airport to the hotel we were pulled over by armed military personal every 5 kms. When we woke up in the morning right by the sea with a checker board patio this impression remained as when you looked up an armed guard hovered in the building above and a navy ship sat directly out at sea. As well as the military presence the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has a huge following among the rural Sinhalese population, also has a constant presence

It’s Papaya and lime and coconut and fish. It’s sweaty sex and filling in all the life stories for a better picture of each other
Often the way I remember a place is out of the corner of my eye, when I look back over my images of travel. 
In these images it is a romantic trip, a visited place, the texture, odd moments, colour, an air of sadness, emptiness and many glimmers of excitement and hope.
The experience of the privileged tourist. 
Dom a keen adult boogie boarder wanted to check out the well-known surfing spot in Arugam. This really was for the dedicated surfer who lived and breathed the waves and wasn’t shy of crusting up for the cause. We stayed in really cheap huts pretty much on the beach which was a pretty wild scene as on one side were the fisherman, their boats, fish carcasses, dogs, flies and general stench of sun and fish. Just 20 meters away was the surf break. One day Dom paddled out while I sat on the sand like a girlfriend and watched. While I lounged on the scorching sand a large group women arrived in Burkas. They were on a holiday or day trip and after a couple of them started to splash around in the shallows they all joined in. Playfully running around giggling and squealing loudly, it was such a magical scene.
Four months accidentally pregnant we would definitely be able to look back on this honeymoon and recall what the promise of Rozsa did for our romancing holiday... every moment is being savoured and moved through with a more special thought of the future than before you.
Beetroot curry, Kottu, Brinjal Eggplant, Egg Hoppers, Pol Roti and Potato Curry, Paratha and Papaya Juice

In Kandy we stayed in a beautiful hotel with a pink mozzie net. Our room overlooked the lake, which was nice to walk around and also the best spot to pick up raw mango with chilli. It is home of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth and the sounds and smells of spirituality are constantly wafting amongst and over you.

The first day we were there was a Sunday and next to our hotel was a large park overlooking the beach. Though it was a very grey day, Sunday was being enjoyed in full force with hundreds of bright colourful kites, ice cream trucks and canoodling under silver umbrellas. The feeling was very festive.